James Lewis said this about C&D AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Keller TEXAS

All I needed was a Thermostat
On the way home Thursday night my heater was only blowing cold air. I tried everything. Turned up the temperature level on my dash, raised and lowered the blower fan, cracked my driver’s side window, Still nothing but cold air.

I stopped at the grocery after my 25 minute ride & thought well maybe it will be better on my 15 ride home. Still cold air.  Friday morning after my 30 minute drive to the Cadillac dealer in 26 degree weather they service writer said, “Since you have over 150 thousand miles on your STS we recommend another radiator flush, new hoses or it might be that you have a vacuum leak and the system is not adjusting the plenum boxes correctly. Leave it here, but I can’t promise you we can get it back today.”


I called my coworker to see if she could come pick me up and she said “Let me call Jim Davis at C&D and see if he has time to check out your car.” They told her to have me just come to their new location.  Not knowing where Egg Farm road was I used the Goggle maps app to take me to their shop about 2 minutes off of Hwy. 377 where Kelller & Fort Worth overlap Told Mr. Davis my predicament and he said, it’s probably your thermostat. Take a seat in the waiting room, please. We are just finishing up on another car and as soon as yours has a chance to cool off we can check it out.

In less than an hour he comes in the waiting room and says, we chsnged out the thermostat, your coolant looked good to us, your hoses are good, you’re ready to go.

Thank you guys for a job well done for a fair price.  He said we also checked out your air cleaner it looked ok but you might need new brake pads in the next few moths

I’ll return to them because of their knowledge of what I needed done & what I DIDN’t need done.

Thanks Jim and Jimmy


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