Excellent Mechanic C&D is the best in Keller Texas if you dont need service thet will tell you.they are honest and thorough Kevin Murphy 06-26-2017

 2002 toyota celica

Friendly service with a smile. From the owner, no less!

Here at C & D Automotive, we believe that the best way to get something done is by getting right to it; and what better way is there to get started than by getting friendly service from the owner himself! If you have a problem, bring it directly to us and get an honest answer alongside quick solutions! We will take care of your vehicle as though it was our own, with speedy, fair, and thorough service on whatever issues you may be having; all with a smile and a friendly attitude! 

So bring your car or truck in to recieve some great service at C & D Automotive in Ft. Worth!

Come have a seat with us!

We have a wonderful and welcoming waiting room at C & D Automotive! Come take a seat and relax while we get your vehicle in tip-top shape. Have something refreshing to drink and enjoy our delicious popcorn! We believe in making every step of the process of servicing your car a breeze, and making you comfortable if you need to wait while we do so is the easiest decision in the world for us. So come take a few minutes to relax in our shop while we do the hard work for you here at C & D Automotive!

Alignments Done Here!

We are fully equipped to handle all your alignment needs here at C & D Automotive. Without your tires properly aligned, you cannot drive safely and sometimes you cannot drive comfortably. Some telling signs that it's time for your tires to be realigned could be any of the following (or even none at all!): your vehicle pulls to one side, there is a vibration in your steering wheel or your car in general. Sometimes though, these signs are not apparent, that's why you should bring your vehicle in for regular tune-ups and have us check your wheel alignment for you! 

These regular check-ups are a doctor's visit for your vehicle! Misaligned tires add unnecessary stress to your vehicle as a whole and make driving more dangerous for you and everyone else on the road! Come visit us at C & D Automotive in Ft. Worth to have all your needs taken care of!

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C & D Automotive Service

location small5525 Egg Farm Rd, Bldg #2850
Fort Worth, TX 76244


CALL:  (817) 431-1299

Shop Hours

Weekdays:   8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturdays: 8:00 AM - NOON